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Sponsor List : Found 24 manufacturers for building material manufacturer manufacturer.
Manufacturer Matches ( 1 - 20 of 24 ).
Bay Yang Enterprise Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: building, construction materials: (1) all kinds of faucets including artistical classical faucet, bath faucet, basin faucet, kitchen faucet, single hand ceramic faucet, temperature command faucets, water supply bathing copper wares, kitchenware. (2) bathroom accessories & hardware- shelf, towel holder, toothbrush holder, towel hook, etc..
M. S. Printing Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: building material- domestic decorations- various decoration papers, PVC, M. S. anti- curving panels, printing rolls and M. S. moldings.
Je Tien Enterprise Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: building& construction materials& hardware- door locks, knobs& handles, cylindrical locks, cylindrical lever set, tubular locks, tubular lever sets, lathch bolt, keying kits, floor hanges, knob coatings, wood knobs, deadbolt locks, handle sets, door closers, SRC( steel reel costruction) building materials.
Yeun Jung Wood Products Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: wood building& decoration& architecture materials- art carving doors, custom- made art carved doors, craft/ wooden/ solid wood/ structurol doors, traditional wood panel doors, embossed panels, various models are suitable for any structure.
Yih Tai Plastics Industry Corp.( TW )
Products: building material- plastic/ PVC folding doors, folding decorative trellis, expanding decorative trellis, PVC expanding trellis, fence, lattices.
B & M Steel International Corporation( TW )
Products: flooring building material- composite steel floor decks.
Taipei Duct Industries Corporation( TW )
Products: (1) building& construction industrial materials- reflective insulation, radiant barriers, perforated reflective/ fiber- glass foil insulations, insulation tape/ duct tapes, flexible ducts, duct/ pipe wraps, underground warning tapes.(2) cable& wire industrial materials- single/ double side aluminum foils/ mylars, heat- sealable alum foil mylar tapes, roll up wrap mylar tapes/ alum/ mylars, foam polypropylene/ cotton non- woven strips.(3) electronic& computer industrial materials- static shielding/ moisture barrier/ anti- static/ wafer bags.(4) big size packaging bags- aluminium foil bags, multi- layered kraft paper bags.(5) food& beverage packaging- powder substances/ formed/ gas- filled packaging, stand/ tea& coffee pouches, custom packaging for sauces/ beverages, vacuum bags, easy open films.
Sheng Yuan Ceramics Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: building& upholstery materials including ceramic tiles, mantle tile, ceramics, flooring, porcelain, bath ceramics, interior design, house builder, kitchen.
Sweet Heart Anti-Skid Building Material Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: anti- skid/ anti- slip building materials- granite/ marble staircase safe anto- slip strips, tile/ terrazzo staircase anti- slip strips, PVC brick/ carpeted staircase anti- slip strips, staircase luminous safe anti- slip strips, granite/ staircase luminous safe anti- slip strips, PVC tile/ carpeted staircase luminous safe anti- slip strips.
Everfriend International PU Industry Website( TW )
Products: (1) PU (polyurethane) raw materials of PU relate products. (2) PU sandwich panel forming machine, metal working machine, metal sheet forming machine, glazed steel tile forming machine, PU low pressure pouring machine, material feeding machine, automatic shearing& slitting machine, hydraulic bending machine, combine style freezer. (3) building materials- color steel panel, glazed steel tile( Chun Tien Tile), steel wall panel, galvanized expanded metal laths, combine style freezer, PVC paper, honeycomb paper.
San Shiah Enterprise Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: constructional/ building materials- floor, building board ceiling, wood, plank, residential flooring, light commercial flooring, oriental vetoli flooring, laminated royal strip, re-earth environmental flooring, healthy heating flooring, craftwork parquet, commercialized species & colors.
Yuan Chang Enterprise Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: mold cast, hardware for building materials, stainless steel parts, marine hardware, machinery, and CNC lathing process of components.
Cheng Horng Glass Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: all kinds of glassware- tempered glass, color panel glass, embossed glass, bent glass& other glass for gifts, housewares, kitchenware, cutting board / chopping slab, home appliances, furniture, electronics, shelf / shelves, clocks, architecture, construction & building material.
Tai Furniture Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: Office Partition systems /wall system / open plan partition /workstation /office furniture / screen / cubicle / floor to ceiling partition/ Panel systems Solid surfacing material / building material / construction material /decorative material
Ever Fore Plastic Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: PVC products- (1) soft PVC compound for extrusion- neon lamp/ coating/ insulated wire, cables. (2) rigid PVC compound for extrusion- IC package tubes. (3) soft PVC compound for injection- food use, foam shoe use.(4) rigid PVC compound for injection- screwdrivers, computer cases, UPVC valves, fittings. (5) PVC barrels accessories- end covers/ caps, glossy/ pearl/ matte/ semi- glossy finishes. (6) EVA plastics- beach sandals, furnitures, inner lining for safety helmets, non- slip cushions/ pads, car accessories, home building materials, rubber press moulding. (7) other- UL, NSF, CPVC, UPVC, shrinkable films, medical/ food grade products, PE, PP, PS, ABS, nylon, PBTt, cosmetics, beauty, caps, lipstick, eyeliner, lipgloss, mascara, bottles, eye shadow, tattoo, nail cares, lipliner, bags, containers, everfore, cosmetic containers, cosmetic packaging, make up packaging, plastic & bottle container, cosmetic box, box for make up, cosmetic & make up packaging, container contract manufacturing.
Laiwell Group Int`l( TW )
Products: (1) food packaging- hinged lid boxes, soup bowls, instant noodle bowls, party dishes, meat/ fresh trays, bakery/ cookie packaging, transparent containers, drinking cups/ lids, insulating foam- cups.(2) building materials- expanded polystrene insulation boards.(3) protective packing- cushion sheets/ pipes, edge protectors, building material, protective packing.
Taiwan Chong Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: lantern, silk cloth lamps, wax gourd lamp, festival lantern cluster lamp, archaize palace lanterns, paper lamp, religious material, gift donation, stone/ wood carved artcraft, building material, daily commodity, religious article, hardware.
Jam-Yuam Enterprises Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: plastic& aluminum windows/ doors- curtain wall, aluminum alloy products, aluminum window hardware, architecture materials, construction materials, arm-stopper, bearing rollers, auto locking handles, building fittings, architecture accessories, building/ architecture hardware, butterfly/ door hinge, curtain wall fittings, fittings for doors, window fittings, friction hinges, furniture hardware, operating handles, hardware fittings for doors, hardware for windows, curtain wall hardware manufacture, heavy duty hinge, house ware, locking handle, key handle, metal products, mild steel bars, stainless steel hardware, rollers.
Kent Faucet Co., Ltd.( CN )
Products: construction& building material- air gap, faucet, overflow, pop-up, shower heads, lavatory& bathroom parts& accessories, kitchenware.
Chiao Tai Aluminium Industial Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: hardware- aluminium extrusion hardware/ tube/ curtain rail/ alloy cabinet& shelves, glass cupboard, tea cart, scooter, the aluminium extrusion products for industrial rod, furniture, mechanical parts& accessories, electronic portion, building materials, medical equipment, sport equipment, computer accessories& parts, and mobile& bicycle of accessories& parts.

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