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Sponsor List : Found 3 manufacturers for LCD driver IC.
Manufacturer Matches ( 1 - 3 of 3 ).
Sitronix Technology Corporation( TW )
Products: IC design house and LCD relative products- LCD driver, MCU, LCD controller, MCU wilt LCD controller & driver, segment driver, common driver, TN, STN, color STN , COG, TCP, COF, mobile phone & driver, PDA & driver, IA & driver, OA & driver.
Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: voice & melody synthesizer, multi-channel music synthesizer, microcontroller w/ LCD driver, educational graphic toy controller, tape answering machine controller, camera controller, telecom ICs, multimedia related ICs, mixed-mode micro controllers, and flash memory related ASICs.
Advantest Corporation ( TW )
Products: designing electronic measuring equipment, semiconductor producing equipment, IC integrated circuit testing equipment, memory test system, VLSI test system, and semiconductor test systems, E-Beam lithography system, optical probe test system, LCD driver test/ LCD panel test system.

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