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Sponsor List : Found 14 manufacturers for PCB assembly manufacturer.
Manufacturer Matches ( 1 - 14 of 14 ).
Emmt Systems Corporation( TW )
Products: power supplies/ supply, PCB assemblies/ assembly( modules), PCB assembly subcontract, PCB assembly design, auto- test systems for electronic products, drop monitor for medical injection, OEM/ ODM( including SMD) services and other associated subsystems.
Component User Industrial Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: reel/ TE( tape packaging material), connectors & cable assemblies for PCMCIA, wire harness housing, flat cable assembly & connector/ IDC type, connector for PCB, pin connectors/ DIP type/ SMT type, network connectors, computer part, computer accessories, cable parts, cable accessories, packing machine, cable assembly, computer cable assembly, connector, net work connector, connector and cable assembly for PCMCIA, wire harness housing, TE, connector PCB, pin connector DIP type, pin connector SNT type, flat cable assembly and connector IDC type, SMT component packaging, carrier packaging, carrier tape, embossed carrier tape, reel, cover tape.
Townes Enterprise Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: computer connectors, pin header, female header, PCB header, box header, PLCC dip socket, PLCC SMT socket, SIMM socket, mini jumper, edge board connectors D-sub, IDC socket, IDC dip plug, IC socket, wire harness, cable assembly/ assemblies.
Broadlake Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: heatsinks, heat sink, TO-220 packages, extrusions, metal works, chassis+covers deep drawn cans, aluminum front panels, audio products, housings, shielding, power resistors EMI Filters, DC/ DC Converters, clips,fuse holders, terminals for PCB assembly/ assemblies, stamping parts aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel.
Might Electronic Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: (1) PCB( SMD/ DIP) and mechanical assembly/ assemblies( for all kinds of electronic products), single layer, industrial electronic products assembly/ assemblies, wire and hardness assembly/ assemblies. (2) mold making, plastic injection molding, crimping die making, die cast molding, aluminum extrusion and cutting, metal stamping, sheet metal parts. (3) CNC machinery parts. (4) membrane keypad, rubber and silicon part, plastic injection part.
Dorris-Mic International Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: cable assembly/ assemblies, cord set, wire harnesses, wiring harness, LAN cable, mobile phone accessory/ accessories, PCB (printed circuit board), SMT.
Syscon Tek Corporation( TW )
Products: EPC/ FFC connectors, flat flexible cable, edge card connectors, PLCC socket, DIN 41612 connectors, SOJ socket, housing, wafer & terminal, pin header, female header, mini jumper, box header, IDC socket, D-SUB PCB ( printed circuit board ) connectors, IC socket, SIP socket, scart connector, ZIF & non-ZIF connector, DIP & SMT connector, flat cable assembly/ assemblies, wiring harnesses or wire assembly/ assemblies.
A-Tech System Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: automation equipment- automatic control system, industrial robot & peripherals, programmable controller, CNC controller, CNC machine & industrial machine, PC-based controller, computer & peripherals, auto assembly production line, industrial microcomputer controller, software( CAD/ CAM/ CAE for automation engineering & equipments, automatic machinerys peripherals, machine used automatic control design & installation, PCB/ IC/ LCD manufacturing equipments, SD controller, AT600/700, AT300, UK SEM AC/DC servo motor, SWISS IRT AC/DC servo drive, UK QUIN multi-axis synchronized servo system, USA AMC servo drive.
Empro Technology Corporation( TW )
Products: (1) electronic products- SMD/ piezo ceramic/ HFT/ telecom/ power transformers, EL/ DC to AC/ AC& DC/ PZT/ CCFL inverters, PCB ( printed circuit boards ) assembly/ assemblies, EL, CCFL, EMI/ miniature broadband eliminate filters, Leaded/ SMD inductors, RF coils. (2) system integrated products- home access/ xServer/ xTerm/ systems, baby watches.
Yin Nan Enterprises Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: electronics- electronic components, power transformers , switching transformers, choke, coils, switching adapters, switching power supply/ supplies, AC to AC & AC to DC adapters, electronic ballast and inverters, electronic igniter , electronic parts of OEM & ODM of PCB assembly/ assemblies manufacturer.
Simmons International Ltd.( TW )
Products: hardware- plumbing, industrial hardware, castings, bathroom accessories, OEM PCB assemblies/ assembly, plastic injection tooling, electrical devices, transformers, adapter, power supply/ supplies, cords, cable connectors, die sand casting, stamping, forging, rubber molding, industrial fittings, industrial assemblies, aluminum extrusion parts, glass.
Chaw Khong Techonology Co., Ltd. ( TW )
Products: electronics PCB ( printed circuit boards ) assembly/ assemblies, all digital auto-switch telephone answering machines, telephone set, pesonal voice recorder, CSMA( carrier sense multiple access) networking , PLM( power line modem), RFM ( radio frequency modem), DSP( digital signal process).
Unimicron Technology( TW )
Products: PCB ( printed circuit boards), IC packaging related substrates, HDI related products, BGA & CSP, IC burning and testing-in services, burn-in board design and assembly/ assemblies.
Dayshine Technology Inc. ( TW )
Products: interconnect products- IC chip carrier and high-density multilayer rigid printed circuit boards( PCB) that used to connect the electronic components, PBGA ( plastic ball grid assembly) .

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