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Category : Electrical Appliances, Parts and Comp.
AC / DC Cords
Air Conditioners & Dehumidifiers(2)
Air Dryer(3)
Air Fresheners, Indoor(1)
Alarm Clocks
Answer Machine & Recorders(2)
Barber & Salon Equipment & Supplies(2)
Batteries, Cells & Accessories(6)
Batteries, Dry-Cell(1)
Battery Chargers(9)
Battery Snaps, Clips & Holders(1)
Bulbs & Lamps, Halogen(4)
Bulbs, Mini Incandescent
Cable Assemblies, Game(1)
Cable Assemblies, Video(6)
Cable Assembly, Audio(9)
Cable Ties/ Restrainers (1)
Cable, Spiral
Ceiling Fan(1)
Charcoal Lighter
Children Watches
Circuit Breakers(1)
Coffee Grinders
Coffee Maker
Cooling Fans(6)
Cordless Phone(1)
DC to AC Converters(1)
DC to DC Converters(3)
Data Capturing Products
Digital Video Recorder(1)
Digital Voice Recorder
Dish Dryer
Distribution Boards(1)
Drills, Power(3)
Drinking Fountains(2)
Drinking Water Machines
EL ( electroluminescent ) Lamps
Electric Fans, Parts & Components(5)
Electric Heat Product
Electrical Appliances(4)
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Power Tools ( Power Tools ) & Parts(7)
Electromagnetic Ovens
Electronic Scales
Electrotechnical Tools
Emergency Lights (4)
Energy Saving Lamp, Lighting
Facial Steamer
Fax Interception Device
Game Watches
Gas Cooker, Range, Stove(1)
Gas Lighters / Ignition
Gas Oven
Gas Regulator(1)
Gas Water Heater
Hair Dryers(1)
Hair Shavers & Accessories
Hand Dryers(1)
Handy Sealer(1)
Heat Pipe
Heating Wire & Elements
Holders, For Lamps & Bulbs
Home Theater System
Hot Plates
IA( Internet Appliances)
Ice Makers
Ice Shavers & Crushers, Electric(1)
Industrial Switching Power Supplies(2)
Infrared Ray Remote Control
Jewelry Watch Juicers(3)
Lamps, Light Fixtures & Parts(3)
Lamps, Mini Fluorescent
Lamps, Miniature
Lamps, Neon
Lead Wire
Lighting Accessories & Equipment(4)
Load Cells
Massage Cushions
Meat Mincers & Slicers(3)
Mechanical Watches
Microphones, Parts & Accessories(7)
Mixer, Blender, Granulator - Industrial(8)
Motor Control Centers ( MCC )
Noodle Maker(1)
Orthopedic Appliances(1)
Outdoor Lights
Phone Cord(6)
Pocket Watches
Power Strip & Box
Power Supply Cords& Plugs(5)
Power Transformer(1)
Pressure Switch(1)
Quartz Movements
RO( Reverse Osmosis) Equipment & Parts(2)
Rechargeable Battery(6)
Recorder( Cassette, Tape)
Refrigerators & Freezers(1)
Remote Control(3)
Respirator, Resuscitator, Spirophore(1)
Rice Cooker / Electronic Cooker(2)
Ring Watches
Sewing Machines & Parts(4)
Shoe Polishers
Slot, Coin, Vending Machines(1)
Slow Cookers
Soap Dispensers, Motion Activated (1)
Solar Water Heater(1)
Sport Watches
Starters, Ignitions ( Ignitors )(1)
Steam Cleaners
Switchboards ( high/ low pressure )
Table Clocks
Television (TV)(1)
Toilet Seat Warmers(1)
Towel Warmers(2)
Vacuum Cleaners(1)
Vegetable Chopping & Cutting Machines
Voice IC
Voice Recognition & Speech Synthesis Products
Voice-Activated Phone Book
Wall Clocks
Washing Machines (Washer)(1)
Water Heaters(3)
Water Purifiers & Filters(1)
Yogurt Maker
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