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Sponsor List : Found 9 manufacturers for temperature controller manufacturer.
Manufacturer Matches ( 1 - 9 of 9 ).
Wexten Precise Industries Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: oil cooler( chiller ) series specific for machine tools, air conditioner for CNC machines, water cooler for laser cutting or engraver system machine, CNC machine cutting solution cooler, heat pipe heat exchanger( side/ top mount), heat exchanger for oil cooling, water cooling for welding machine, cooling air dryer, cooling fan, oil temperature controller, EDM cooler.
Camsco Electric Co.,Ltd.(Sun Shih Electric Co., Ltd.)( TW )
Products: auto lighters, A.V.C., AC solenoids, buzzers, bus bar insulators, cam switches, contactors, bells, foot SW, fuse links/ bases, floatless switches, temperature controller time switch hour meters, hoist switches, hardware for industry, industrial plugs sockets, limit/ micro switches, shunts, multimeters, no fuse breakers, push button series, sockets, snap switches/ rails, timers, relays, terminal blocks, termainals, tools, emergency lights, wiring accessories, electrical panel control components, electric parts, electrical appliances.
Jimmense Industry Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: communication peripheral accessories & parts, connector, electronic temperature controller, brass strip & brass tube-made thermo-couples.
NTC Electrical Industry Co., Ltd. ( TW )
Products: control panel/ controller of control panel for alternate and parallel pumping water, non-fuse circuit-breaker, soft-starter, temperature controller, automatic transfer switch( ATS), spark noise eliminator, ATS controller.
Hua Wang Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: greenhouse plan, design, construction, temperature controller, light controller, internal screen, external screen, heater preservation film, automatic irrigation, warm-air heater, humypad, fan, CO2 enrichment equipment, benches, plant containers, orchid, phalaenopsis.
Phonway Company Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: electric & electronic components- limited switch, timer, power supply/ supplies, push button switch, terminal block, proximity/ photo sensor, pilot lamp, temperature controller, thermocouple, panel meter, ventilator filter unit, siren horn, control component, hoist push button switch, rotary light, power resistor, relay socket, SSR( Solid State Relay), current transformer, shunt, automotive controller.
Shuang Her Electronic Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: (1) consumer electronic products- SH timer, electronic temperature heater, micro-electronic temperature controller, micro-electronic constant electricity air pump, electrical temperature controller heater. (2) building hardwares products- homing hardware set map, homing hardware system, door striker system, handle horizon lock system, handle system, stainless door, wind door, aluminum door, white iron frame, bushing hinge system, purdah wall hardware joint part, screws nuts system, sationary iron sheet system, fasteners.
Golden Star Technology Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: (1) field& sensor- level, pressure, temperature, flow, density, viscosity, mass, specific gravity.(2) monitoring& controller- indicator, recorder, totallizer.(3) computer field control element- control valve, solenoid valve, regulator, reducing valve, others, heating tracing, safety valve.(4) boiler watching system- On-Line Boiler tube leakage detector system, on-line boiler furnace temperature (fegt), detector system.(5) others- customer order (skid, package).
Sheng Ma Electric Co., Ltd.( TW )
Products: icro processor temperature controller, miniature automatic non indicating temperature controller, deviation indicating automatic temperature controller, electronic indicating automatic temperature controller, digital display temperature controller, all types temperature controller, thermo-coupler, temperature compensation lead, temperature measuring resistor, controller switcher, relative parts.

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