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LED Lights - Shenzhen Quality Lighting Co.,Ltd.  
Professional in researching, developing and manufacturing all kinds of LED illuminations. More than ten years LED Lights manufacturing experience,we own six series products as spot lampÒË ball lamp, hurdle lamp, lawn lamp, pool lamp, underground lamp , rainbow strip. colorful brick, bulb display and ceiling lamp. Taking "concentrate on creating the first LED illuminations brand in China".
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LED Lights - Chi Ming Electronics Corp.  
Chi Ming is a discipline LED manufacturer of car use led and household led. Established in 1984, Chi Ming provides all kinds of LED Lights , white led lights, led signal lights, led spot lamp, led day lights, side light, license plate lamp, indicator light, dashboard lights, fog lights, head lamp, led automobile bulb, household led lights, decoration led, led Christmas light and so on.
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    ©ƒ  These are the LED lights manufacturers publicly listed in Taiwan.
LED Lights
Ligitek electronics Co., Ltd.
Ligitek electronic designsÙ«develops and manufactures a broad range of optoelectronic components, Taiwan Best LED Lights for use in a wide variety of application.
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LED Lights
Epistar Corporation
Focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing high brightness LED Lights products. Applying its own proprietary Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE) technology, Epistar has successfully commercialized the full spectrum range of high brightness LEDs.
LED Lights
I-Chiun Precison Industry Co., Ltd.
Since 1977, We endlessly always pursue new technology and search new skill for keeping in the best of competition. I-Chiun has the capability to turn out large LED Lights orders in short periods of time.
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LED Lights
Bright Led Electronics Corp.
Our main products include LED Lights Display, IR LED, SMD LED Lights and various LED Modules. Our worldwide customers include companies at Taiwan, China, Korea, Southeast Asia, America and Europe. Brtled has established long-term cooperation relationships with numerous companies at these regions.
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LED Lights
Apex Science & Engineering Corp.
Main Products Including infrared products in photo sensor photo controller and photo transmitter, visible LED Lights products in SMD, TOP LED, High Power LED lights and RC LED, Applicable modules in LCD Module, photoelectronics module, Infrared module, LED lighting module and LED illuminative modules.
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LED Lights
Arima Optoelectronics Corp.
With core competence in MOCVD technology, we aim ourselves to be a high quality UHB LED Lights & LD dice and epitaxial wafer provider. Aims to become the industry leader in supplying complete visible light spectrum UHB LED and high power LD dice and epitaxial wafer.
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LED Lights
Taiwan Oasis Technology Co., Ltd.
Taiwan Oasis vertically integrated all sectors of LED production, from the upstream light source, to all electronic and plastic components, all the way to the down stream packaging and assembly process for LED products covering: customized LED display, through hole LED Lamps etc...

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LED Lights
Para Light Electronics Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1987, with nearly sixteen years of continuous product innovation and technical development, PARA LIGHT is now a leader in the opto-electronic components LED lights world market. Products including LED Lamp, LED seven segment display, LED Llights bars, LCD back lights & SMD LED lights etc...
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LED Lights
Ledtech Co.,Ltd.
Founded in 1977. Holding onto the motto of "honest, responsible and constantly improving", we have been dedicated to the production of LED Lights, LED lamps and displays in the past twenty some years.
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LED Lights
Harvatek is a leading manufacturer of surface mount chip LED lights in Taiwan. SMT Type leds can be used in all different kinds of applications, presently mobile phone padis mostly applied. As a leading specialist in SMD chipled technology . Harvatek offers monthly productivity up to 200KK.
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